Texas Hold'em at River Rock

A full Texas Hold’em table typically has nine or ten Players or less.  To begin the game a single card is dealt to each Player; high card will be the first Dealer.  The Dealer position is indicated by a white plastic chip referred to as the “BUTTON”.  The two  Players immediately to the left of the Dealer button shall be in the blinds (must post small and big blinds).  After each round of hand or play, the Dealer button rotates to the left.  And let the games begin…

Object of the game

The best possible five card Poker hand, using any combination of hole cards (your cards) and community cards, wins the pot.

How to play

  • The Dealer deals each Player their 2 cards face down and betting round (1st). The Dealer burns a card then turns over three community cards face up (THE FLOP) and betting round (2nd).
  • The Dealer burns another card then turns over 1 more community card face up (THE TURN) and betting round (3rd).
  • The Dealer burns another card then turns over 1 final community card face up (THE RIVER) and last betting round.
  • SHOWDOWN (Every remaining Player shows the hand with the better showing first).

Qualifying Hands For Super Beat Jackpot

Quad (8) eight must be beaten by winner of pot with 4 of a kind or better.  Both hole cards must play.  To have four of a kind, Players must have a pocket pair in their hands.

Qualifying Rules

  • There must be five (5) active Players during the deal to qualify. Players away from the table are not considered active Players.
  • A Player must take possession of their hand to be eligible for any part of the Bad Beat Jackpot. Only exception is if Player posted an ante or blind.
  • Pot size for qualifying is $20 or greater. House rake and Jackpot contribution is considered part of the pot
  • Games with reduced rake will be eligible providing minimum number of Players (5) and full jackpot contributions ($20) are met.
  • Discussion of the hand or jackpot during the play of the hand may void payment.
  • Qualifying Rules 1 through 5 and Qualifying hand requirements must be met by the Top 2 ranking hands to result in a Bad Beat jackpot. If a non-qualifying hand is one of the top two or any Qualifying Rules are not met, there is no Jackpot.


  • The 2nd best hand will receive 50 %
  • The best hand will receive 25%
  • The other active Players dealt in the hand at that table will share the remaining 25%.

*Jackpot money will accumulate by contributions of $1.00 from the pot @ $20

Division of the jackpot drop will be as follows, based on a main amount total:

  • 63% to Main Jackpot Fund, 33% to Backup Jackpot Fund & 4% administration fee retained by the house.
  • When the Jackpot is paid, 75% of the Backup Jackpot Fund will become the Main Jackpot.

*Jackpot Drop will be counted and updated by 12pm daily

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