Recipe – Eggnog Crème Brulee

December 8, 2014

WOW your guests with this easy to prepare and very appreciative dessert.


It does not take a lot of time to prepare, but in order to set the egg yolk based custard, it requires your attention during the cooking process.  If you under-cook the brulee, the eggs won’t set and it’ll be runny and if you over cook it, the texture will resemble scrambled eggs, which will leave an unpleasant curdled feel in your mouth.

Ingredients – Yields 12 200 ml ramekins:
  • 12 yolks
  • 180 gr sugar
  • 1 L whipping cream
  • Nutmeg 2 tsp
  • 50 ml dark spiced rum Sailor Jerry’s


  • Scald the whipping cream on the stove.
  • Mix the egg yolks and sugar together in a large enough bowl to incorporate the cream.
  • Once cream is hot, pour 1/4L cream into the egg yolk mixture in order to temper the eggs while continuously stirring.  If you a pour too much hot cream, you will “scramble” the egg yolks.  Once, eggs and cream has mixed, add the remaining of the cream.  Pour in the rum and nutmeg.  Stir and mix well.
  • Strain the liquid through a fine strainer to remove any lumps.
  • Portion the crème brulee base into 12 shallow ramekins.  Bake in a water bath at 300f for 30 min, or until brulee is set.
  • Once cooked, remove from the oven and water bath and allow to cool in fridge.
  • To serve, sprinkle the top of each brulee with a tbsp. of granulated sugar and caramelize it with a butane blow torch.
  • Serve with berries and shortbread cookies

If you need to buy a butane blow torch, they can be found at most kitchen supply stores or hardware stores such as Canadian Tire.

Watch this video on how to caramelize your Crème Brule


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