2019 Star Music Festival - September 15

Special Guest Star: Eric Chou
Presented by Canadian Star Communication Ltd.

This year’s 2019 Star Music Festival will be held at the River Rock Show Theatre on Sunday September 15th.

The Star Music Festival has invited Taiwanese superstar Eric Chou 周兴哲 to light up the stage! Eric’s songs have accompanied many lovelorn people for countless days and nights. For two of his songs, Let’s Not Be Friends In The Future and How Have You Been have already passed 100 million views on YouTube.

The festival also features popular artists Owen, 郑心慈, 张伯宏, Credit, and Yo J.

No matter the type of music genre you’re into there will always be something for you at the 2019 Star Music Festival! Call our service hotline for tickets: 778-822-3456.

Tickets go on sale with prices starting at $98 (plus service charges). To purchase overnight packages, please call 1-866-748-3718.