All for Love Concert - October 28

After 3 decades apart, Luwyna Li and Lucy Chan will reunite with their music mentor, Anders Nelsson to sing for BC Children’s Hospital’s Fundraising Event through the upcoming “ALL for Love” Charity Concert, in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend (CCMW).

ALL for Love is a charity concert that calls for everyone to come together hand in hand, heart to heart, in order to bring love and hope to sick children. It will also be an unforgettable night of wonderful music for our audiences.

Please join us on October 28th at the “ALL for Love” Charity Concert to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital. Together, we will create a better future for our children, bring hope to the families that are in despair, and contribute financially to medical research that will benefit children everywhere. Together, we build to heal.