Krystal Dos Santos Duo - November 3 - 17

Dos Santos’ interpretation of her influences has made it difficult to categorize her style.  Compared presently to Jill Scott or Corrine-Bailey Rae or even Erykah Badu, Krystle is able to personalize her sound and message, adding her own character to her music to create a uniquely refreshing sound.  Her vibrant personality has been utilized outside of music in various add campaigns and modeling opportunities.  It also helps that Krystle is as stunning as she is talented; one of those rare beauties that command attention with little more than a moments glance. But make no mistake, Krystle Dos Santos is a musician first and foremost.  With a smoky voice that can fluctuate to fit any style and a live show that demands the audience stand-up and take notice, Dos Santos is ready for the masses to feel her music.  She is currently working on her third studio release, and will no doubt continue to strive until her name and her music is known to the world