Maria Cordero S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Concert - August 17

Originating from a humble background and at a young age, Maria, disciplined herself never to shy away from hard work and immersed herself in the wage-earning world. Gifted with multi-talents in singing, dancing and acting, coupled together with her aptitude to learn and her bravado to endeavour, and, armed with, self-determination, a devotion to her family, an insatiable desire to improve herself and a passion to succeed, Maria embarked on her career in the entertainment world.

Never forgetting her humble background, Maria’s firm belief that in order to receive you must also be capable and willing to give, led her to utilize her status as a celebrity to be the Spoke-person for the non-profit organization “The Children’s Kidney Trust Fund” for the past 7 years. She is also the “Caring-Star” for the Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association and the Changing Young Lives Foundation. Apart from this, Maria embraces every chance to participate in charitable activities and events, such as visiting the elderly and sick and performing for Charity and Fund Raising Events like the 2005 South Asian Earthquake Victims Fund Raiser, the Fight Hunger 2005 Fund Raiser Concert and many more.