The Coquettish Diva - October 13

“My life belongs to arts, my arts belong to the people”, this is the true belief of Canton Opera grandmaster, Hong Xian Nu.

The Coquettish Diva is a masterpiece play that narrates the life of renowned Cantonese Opera Actress, Hong Xian Nu, and pays tribute to her dedication and undying pursuit of the arts. The starring lady of the play, Su Chun Mei, is not only the disciple of Hong Xian Nu, she is also the lead actress of the Guangzhou Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe and Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troupe. Audiences will fall in love with Su Chun Mei’s rendition of the famous Hong Xian Nu. Also, a special treat, fans of Hong Kong movies will be happy to know that directors and comedic actors Karl Maka and Raymond Wong Pak-Ming has joined forces for this musical.

Not only is The Coquettish Diva Karl Maka’s first play, both he and Raymond Wong Park Ming will be singing several famous opera tunes live at the River Rock! Don’t miss this opportunity to watch Maka and Wong live on stage instead of on your TV screen.

Tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster and at the River Rock Box Office, with prices starting at $58 (plus service charges). Make it a night to remember! Book your show and overnight hotel package at River Rock Casino at 1-866-748-3718.

Alternatively check out these places to get tickets: SUP Bookstore (Aberdeen Centre), Chinese Benevolent Association (108 E. Pender Street) To inquire about tickets over the phone please call 236-863-9868.