Feature Drink – Scotch

December 9, 2014

Is winter coming? Anyone for Scotch?

Whiskey on wood bar

It’s that time of the year again when the nights are longer and maybe a little colder that we change our eating and drinking patterns, maybe the snap crackle of a fireplace or the smell of a slowly braised stew trigger something that we have been secretly looking forward to all summer.


Do I want single malt or a blend and then what type?  The only person who can tell you which is better is you, so go ahead and explore, single malts are not always better than blended, it just means it comes from a single distillery.  Just like wine you may prefer certain scotches from a certain area.

The five main areas are:

Lowlands – Usually triple distilled for a smooth taste

Islay – From Lightly smoked Bruichladdich to the peat monster Ardbeg

Highlands –Has a number of sub areas and is home to the world famous Oban distillery

Campbletown – currently only three distilleries in operation including Springbank

Speyside – Home of the two bestselling Single Malts in the world; Glenlivet & Glenfiddich.

We have over 40 different scotches on our Bar in Tramonto including the super rare “Lochside 45”


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