Food Facts – B.C. Oysters

December 8, 2014

At Tramonto we serve beautiful BC Oysters; along with being extremely tasty, they are sustainable and a very interesting mollusc –  here are a few surprising facts about oysters that you may not know:

Oysters are an aphrodisiac

Oysters have long been associated with being an aphrodisiac, but why, some say it is because of the high level of zinc that they contain. Zinc is a key mineral for men’s  and women’s sexual and fertility health. However, it is still not proven that they are an aphrodisiac, but it is safe to say that sometimes it’s all in your mind, just the thought of eating an aphrodisiac can raise your libido!

Oysters can help your garden grow

A great fertilizer is crushed oyster shells. Because of the high calcium carbonate this fertilizer provides a long-lasting steady release of nutrients that that de-acidifies and helps balance soil pH.

Saving oyster reefs protects against soil erosion and cleans our oceans

Oyster reefs stabilize our ocean’s shoreline, this makes them less susceptible to damage when a storm hits. Oysters also help clean our oceans, being filter feeders they remove bacteria and sediments in the waters around them which makes their reef a healthy and clean home for clams, crabs, and shrimp. Also around their reef the improved water quality helps with the growth of sea grass.

Farmed oysters are a good choice

Yes the big farmed seafood debate, is it good or bad. Well you can rest assured that farmed oysters are a good choice. Because oysters cannot tolerate dirty water they can only be farmed in clean water, this means the waters around oyster farms are going to be nice and clean. Find out more about Canadian farmed oysters here and take a look at this map showing the oyster farms in B.C.



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