BBQ Around The World

Sample the global tastes of barbecue at The Buffet.

Travel the world with your taste buds and try these delectable weekly BBQ rotation exclusively at The Buffet, created by our multicultural team of talented chefs. Available from July 7 to August 15, during dinner only!


Fire Roasted Asian BBQ
July 7-13
July 28-August 3

  • Hong Kong: Whole Roast BBQ Piglet with Hong Kong Spice
  • India: Tandoori chicken legs
  • Philippines: Pinaputok na Bangus (fire-popped) Whitefish


BBQ from The Americas & The Caribbean
July 14-20
August 4-10

  • Jamaica: Jerk chicken with grilled pineapple
  • USA: South Carolina ribs, smoked garlic BBQ sauce, hot slaw
  • Canada: Maple BBQ charred salmon, blistered tomatoes, grilled onion


Slow-cooked Asian BBQ
July 28-August 3
August 11-15

  • Philippines: Chicken inasal
  • China: Traditional Dong Po Pork
  • South Korea: Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs



About The Chefs

Chef James: Jerk Chicken with Grilled Pineapple
Chef James grew up in the shadow of his brother and father who were both chefs, starting with washing dishes and doing prep in his father’s restaurant at a young age. During those early years he began developing his flavor profile and pallet and tried to experience as much as he could at every point available to him. As he grew, he developed an appreciation for spicy food and bold flavors, always searching for more until the day came that he experienced Caribbean Jerk BBQ for the first time. After that experience and the following years to come, all else was lost as he worked diligently to learn all he could about the Caribbean Jerk spices and marinades used while cooking over the open flame. Please enjoy Chef James’ lifelong culmination and rendition of the Caribbean Jerk Marinated Chicken Breast with Fresh grilled Pineapple he fell in love with years ago.

Chef Lucky Louie Perez Alpajora: Chicken Inasal
Lucky grew up in the Luzon Province, just outside Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Filipino culture has strong roots in communal eating and cooking with family and friends, placing a heavy importance on eating well with the people you love. As a result, Lucky developed a deep love for food at a very young age and has spent the majority of his years learning to cook the famous dishes of his culture and province. This dish, Chicken Inasal, originating from the Southern provinces, was originally made famous as a poor man’s food. The poor would utilize scraps and leftovers and finish the meats in a coconut and vegetable vinegar. The dish soon became popular and developed into a beautiful list of aromatic ingredients that marinated the meat before roasting and basting with vibrant and strong flavors that would then be served alongside the classic coconut and vegetable vinegar that made the dish famous in the first place. Please enjoy his creation, and thank you to chef Lucky Alpajora for helping us experience a true Filipino dish.

Chef Nand Kishor Natiyal: Tandoori Chicken Legs
Nand was born in Northern India and learned to cook with his family at a very young age, and one of his first recipes mastered is Tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken was believed to have been created by Chef Kundan lal Gujral in the 1940’s at the famous Punjab restaurant Moti Mahal, though some believe its creation dates back to the Harrapan civilization over one thousand years ago. Traditionally, the chicken would be marinated on skewers and cooked over charcoal in a clay oven but these days the smoky flavor comes from the aromatic spices in the marinade itself. Please enjoy Nand’s rendition of India’s oldest and most famous dish.

Chef Jose Enriquez II: Pinaputok na Bangus Whitefish
Jose Enriquez II grew up in Luzon Province, just outside Manila. He is the eldest of 6 kids and joined the work force at a young age. By the time he began his first job in the restaurant world, he had already instilled a deep passion for culinary. After years of studying food in the Philippines, he took his family abroad to learn all he could about food and food creation around the globe. As he learned and experienced all he could, he still paid homage to his roots and brought with him the Filipino flare his culture taught him from where it all began. This dish is developed by steaming a whole whitefish that is marinated in tomato, garlic and onion and then wrapped in banana leaves, keeping all the flavors embedded in the meat of the fish. Traditionally made with whole milkfish, it is cooked on the coals of an open fire, topped with crisp garlic and glazed in soy and calamansi, this dish is as close as you can get to the Philippines while being in Canada. Please enjoy Jose’s memories of home with this Filipino Banana Leaf Milkfish

Chef Andy Ng: Whole Roast BBQ Piglet with Hong Kong Spice
Andy Ng grew up in Hong Kong, China, learning to cook from his mother at a very young age. He began cooking in restaurants and hotels as soon as he was able to and learned a detailed foundation of Chinese cooking, technique, and cuisine. After moving to Canada, he continued cooking and brought with him those deep-rooted principles and styles of Hong Kong cuisine. One of the dishes he takes pride in knowing and perfecting is the Hong Kong spiced whole roast piglet. Traditionally prepared in a walk-in BBQ oven, the piglet would be hung and roasted slowly while frequently being slathered in a sweet brine and glaze of 5 spice, anise, malt & Maiyatang. Please Enjoy Andy’s lifetime perfection of the Hong Kong spiced Whole Roast Pig.

Chef Jason Wang: Traditional Dong Po Pork
Growing up in northern China, Jason experienced a large, communal family life. His great-great grandfather was a caterer along with his grandmother, uncles, and aunts. Growing up in this environment provided him with many opportunities to taste and experience the different creations by his grandmother and her father in the northern China style of Asian cuisine. One of the earliest memories he has is sitting with his grandmother in a sunny field by the mountains back home. His grandmother opened a small red box revealing her long time specialty, and classic dish, Dong Po pork. The belly of the pig is braised over a charcoal fire using red vinegar and soy until it’s completely unified with the flavors and tender enough to melt in your mouth. Please enjoy Jason’s memory of the classic traditional dish, Dong Po Pork.

Chef Steven Chan – Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs
Steven was born and raised in Hong Kong in a community with people from different ethnicities and cultures, where he had the opportunity to experience different cuisines from around the world at a young age. One of his most memorable dishes was the Korean BBQ short ribs that he had with his parents as a child. After trying it for the first time in a restaurant, he loved it so much that he wanted to learn how to make this dish. After several trial and errors with his mother’s assistance, Steven was able to recreate the taste that introduced him to the joy of cooking. Please enjoy Steven’s own creation of Korean BBQ short ribs.