Tramonto Prix Fixe Menu

April 10 – April 25

$85 for 2 people

Enjoy our First Harvest four-course meal, featuring local suppliers Berezan Shrimp, Barnston Island Herbs, Double R Ranch and Golden Ears Cheese. Click here to view the menu.

Call 604-247-8573 to reserve your table.

About the menu

Double R Ranch Beef Cheeks: Birch Bay, WA

“The Double R Ranch itself sits on 70,000 breathtaking acres in the Okanogan region of Washington State. The mild climate, open spaces, and the abundance of natural resources in the Pacific Northwest provide for cattle health and comfort. Additionally, the temperate climate increases access to a diverse range of sustainable feed ingredients, including wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, and hay. All of this allows us to deliver consistently delicious Double R Ranch Northwest Beef.”

Berezan Shrimp: Langley, BC

“As a family-owned company, our goal at the Berezan Shrimp Company is to create a legacy program that is not only ocean and planet friendly today but is also sustainable for future generations.

Our shrimp are raised year-round at our inland metro Vancouver farm. Using vertical space efficiently, we have a very small footprint and a zero-waste design. Because our farm is both closed-containment and biosecure, there is no impact to the surrounding environment or ocean and our shrimp is contaminant-free.”

Barnston Island Herbs: Surrey, BC

“We set up shop on Barnston Island as Fresh Herbs by Daniel, way back in 1979. Our original owner, Daniel Baillard, used innovative growing techniques to supply fresh, live herbs to Vancouver’s top restaurants and hotels, and to establish a benchmark for food service quality that is still rarely matched today.

We became Barnston Island Herbs in 1987, when Daniel handed over the reins to Peter and Jennifer Hoffmann. Since then, we’ve grown from a little herb farm that could, into the supplier of fresh greens and specialty produce that restaurants and hotels call when they need the best.”

Golden Ears Cheese: Maple Ridge, BC

“Husband and wife, Kerry and Lynn Davison, both grew up with farming in their roots. They began a hedging cedar business on their farm property in 1995, which continues today, but is extremely labor intensive. The close proximity of Kerry’s older brother’s Jersey dairy farm next door, together with their location on the busy Abernethy Connector, sparked the idea for this new farm business venture. “We wanted to add another dimension to these great farm assets; provide something that people would value and enjoy. People love cheese… We’re building a sustainable future for our family farm in this community and bringing people back to food basics, they can literally watch their cheese being made. That experience is something people value.”

“Their two daughters, Jenna and Emma Davison both have a strong passion for food. Jenna, with a background in horticulture and agriculture, decided to pursue an apprenticeship under a well-known cheese-maker in Agassiz. She quickly fell in love with the intricacies of the cheese-making process and the physical demands of the work involved. “I love starting with the fresh milk every morning and transforming it into several different varieties of cheeses or butter before the day is done. I get to carefully handcraft each individual wheel. It’s really rewarding to see how much I’ve accomplished at the end of each day.”