What Responsible Gaming Means at River Rock

River Rock, along with its parent company, Great Canadian Entertainment, has a proven track record of commitment to responsible gaming. As a company, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and provide our guests with a positive gaming experience. While most of our customers enjoy gaming as a form of entertainment, we recognize that a small percentage may experience gambling problems.

To address this issue, we’ve allocated significant funds and resources to promote gaming that is healthy and fun for everyone, and we continually work with local communities and provincial authorities to educate and create awareness about responsible gaming.


How we deliver our commitment


Responsible Gaming Staff Training

The training program enhances knowledge, awareness, attitudes and skills of our staff so they may respond appropriately to guests who may be experiencing problems or providing appropriate information pertaining to reasonable play.


Responsible Gaming Literature

Throughout the venue, there is a large number of easily accessible Responsible Gaming literature and brochures. These pieces allow for our guests to learn about responsible gambling practices, programs and resources


Voluntary Self Exclusion Program

The Voluntary Self-Exclusion program is a provincial program that allows an individual to voluntarily exclude himself/herself from a casino property for a set period of time. The program also offers free counselling services.


Responsible Gaming Information Centres  (Game Sense Centres)

These information centres are interactive booths on the gaming floor which provide information on responsible play, odds of winning, gambling myths and facts, risk factors and where to find help for problem gambling. The centres are often staffed with Advisors who are able to answer questions or provide support related to your gambling habits.


BC Partnership for Responsible Gaming

Great Canadian Entertainment is an active member of the BC Partnership for Responsible Gaming.   


Responsible Marketing

Great Canadian Entertainment is committed to high ethical marketing standards that do not target minors in any way possible or portray extravagant or misleading wins.   

Great Canadian Entertainment abides by the Advertising and Marketing Standards for the BC Gambling Industry as mandated by Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch as well as the Marketing Standards Issued by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.


No Minors

No minors are allowed in our casinos. The 19+ rule is strictly enforced by requiring anyone who appears under the age of 30 to provide two pieces of government issued I.D.


To learn more about the various Responsible Gaming programs that Great Canadian Entertainment is involved in, please review the following links:

•    British Columbia Lottery Corporation – Game Sense

•    Responsible Gambling Council –http://www.responsiblegambling.org/


If you would like to connect with the Provincial Problem Gambling Help Line please dial: 1.888.795.6111.